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The Eye of Minds- Blog #9

The Eye of Minds - James Dashner

Michael and his friends decided not to go look for Kaine. The VNS got made and blocked them from getting on the game. Michael had his neighbor call the VNS and say that they were back in. They went to a guy named Cutter. Cutter told Michael, Sarah, and Bryson to go find a women named Ronika. After they found her, they asked questions about Kaine. She said she only knew a little bit but in a game they could get into a portal that leads to Kaines hiding spot. Bryson starting freaking out. Their tracker lit up, meaning Kaine was close. Instead of Kaine, KillSims came in the room. If they get bit by a KillSim, they could die in the game and in reality. Ronika, Michael, Sarah, and Bryson got trapped in a small compartment in the room. Michael was going to distract the KillSims and told the others to run out the door. Everyone was out the door and they were all running up the stairs, but the KillSims started attacking. Bryson and Sarah figured out how to kill the KillSims. When they got a KillSim off Michael and went to go help Ronika, she was dead. They left the club immediately after that. They had to go to a game called Devils of Destruction. The game was A.O, adults only. They got attacked by black ropes. They struggled to get free, but Bryson hacked into a women who was controlling the ropes. They finally went into the game. It was very long walk and cold. After they finally got to a door that led them farther into the game, they realized why it was A.O. Other people in the game were killing each other. Three other gamers saw Michael and his friends. They came running at them attacking and had knives to kill the kids. Michael got hit a few times but he attacked his attacker and killed her. Then another man came and attacked Michael. That man had a knife to Michaels throat. The man killed Michael. That's as far as I got so far. I'm excited to read what is going to happen next!