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The Eye of Minds - James Dashner

Michael and his friends found the portal in Devils of Destruction after dying in the game many of times. They walked through the portal. A long dark hallway, then stairs going down that was never ending. FIially, they got to a door. When they opened the door, they saw people standing there, like they were dead. The hallway full of dead people went on forever. Finally, they saw a door at the end. Bryson realized something about Kaine. Kaine was a tangent. A tangent is a someone who is created by a computer program. He panicked and the dead people moved to attack him. He had died. Once they died in the portal, it was impossible to get back in. Now it was Sarah and Micheal. They went one forever. They met a guy who would help them. He said their demons was always with them. The animals he had turned into demons and started attacking Sarah and Michael. They hacked codes and got free. They ended up inside a volcanic mountain. It got hotter and hotter the deeper they went in. Michael and Sarah was almost near the end, then Sarah got hit by lava. She died. Michael was on his own. He found Kaine. One of Kaine workers took Michael and was about to lock him up, then the VNS came. Michael ran away from the house and into the woods. He found a house he went in. He realized Kaine was there. Kaine told Michael that he killed is parents and his nanny. Kaine also said Michael is like him. Michael got upset and left. Michael went to talk to an agent, when he saw KillSims appear. He ran into the woods. The KillSims was attacking Michael. He found a gun and started shooting them. Michaels headache came back. He yelled for Kaine to help him. The headache was gone and Micheal woke up in the Wake. He was out of the game but in a different house. Everything was different. Michael got a message from Kaine. The message said MIchael had been a tangent. Nothing was real. He never had a family. He was apart of Kaine's creation. But not Michael is human. He took over someone else's body. Agent Webner came to visit Michael. She new he was tangent. Bryson and Sarah were humans. They didn't know about Michael. She told Michael to find them and try and live his new life.

I liked the book. I thought it was a good book!