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Tell No One

"Tell No One" is a great book. So far, I like it. It's about a man name Beck, whose wife disappeared eight years ago. Beck gets an email from an unknown email user. There was some information that only Beck and his wife, Elizabeth, knew. Elizabeth been dead for eight years. Beck just think it's a sick joke. But he gets an email of a video. He watches it, and Elizabeth appears on the video just staring at the camera. She finally mouths the words "I'm sorry." She leaves the video and it ends. Beck starts to think his wife is alive. But a couple days before the video, Detectives found bodies that's been dead for five years. The found a weapon that they believe killed Elizabeth. Detectives believe Beck has killed the dead bodies and Elizabeth. The detectives now want Beck arrested. Few more people end up dead, they found the murder weapon in Becks' house. They now have the right to arrest Beck. Beck was working at the hospital, when he got a call from his lawyer saying he was going to get arrested. But Beck got another email saying to meet Elizabeth at a park. Beck couldn't get arrested or he wouldn't be able to see if Elizabeth was alive. Beck then ran from the police, he hid from them, and when he thought they were gone, he started to run but a police officer saw him and got in front of Beck. Beck didn't know what to do, he didn't want to get arrested, so Beck ran into the officers' chest, pushing him to the ground. Beck was able to run free, but he assaulted an officer.