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Tell No One

Some new characters has been added, Mr. Eric Wu, Tyrese, Brutus, Hoyt, Carlson, and Fien. Carlson and Fien are with the F.B.I. Hoyt is Elizabeth's dad. Tyrese was one of Becks' patients. Brutus was the driver who drove Tyrese and Beck everywhere. The plot has gotten better. Elizabeth has been alive all these years. Beck has cleared his name. The F.B.I found out he didn't kill anyone. Beck was caught by Mr. Wu. But Tyrese rescued him. Beck went to Hoyt for answers. Hoyt told Beck that Elizabeth has been alive. She was over seas. Hoyt said Elizabeth had killed a man. His father wanted Elizabeth dead. So Elizabeth went into hiding. After Beck talked with Hoyt, Tyrese said he had a phone call. Shauna told Beck that Elizabeth wants to meet Beck at a restaurants.

I like the book so far. I'm almost finished. It's very intense and once you start reading it, you can't put it down.