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Tell No One

Beck got on a train to go see Elizabeth. He got distracted when he say a familiar name. Beck got off at the next stop. He went to the library and looked up the name. He found an article about his father. The name was someone who saw his fathers' car accident. That man was someone connected to Elizabeth's "death". He realize that someone got paid to kill his father. He went to go meet Elizabeth. He got a call from Tyrese. Mr. Wu had Tyrese's son. Beck went to Hoyt to have him tell the truth. Beck then told him to go see Mr. Scope to release the boy. When the boy was back with his father, Hoyt said Beck killed Scope's son. But Scope thought it was Hoyt. Mr. Wu hurt Hoyt and took his gun. The F.B.I showed up. Hoyt grabbed his gun back, shot Scope, then shot himself. Elizabeth got to go back home, back to her normal life. At the end of the book, Beck confesses to killing Mr. Scopes' son. But Elizabeth already known of it.