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The Eye of Minds

The Eye of Minds is about a virtual video game. The characters in the book, Michael, Sarah, Bryson, and Kaine, play this game called VirtNet. They get hooked up to cords that connects to the brain and they are all asleep while playing the game. Everything in the game felts and looks real. Michael had to stop this girl from killing herself. She took out her Core, which can kill them in reality and in the game. Michael and Tanya, the girl who killed herself, fell in the water. Michael woke up. But, Tanya will never wake up. Michael told his best friends, Bryson and Sarah. After he told them, he got off the game and went to bed. The next morning, he was walking to school when a van pulled up and tackled him in the car. They took him to a secret place. Michael met Agent Weber. She was with VirtNetSecurity. She told Michael she needs his helping hacking the system. A user known as Kaine, has been hacking into players accounts and making them suffer, not letting leave them game, forcing them to kill their selves. Michael agreed to help them and his friends needed to help too. Michael went back to VirtNet to tell his friends. He told them everything. Then, everything went black. Michael was paralyzed. Kaine came to him and told Michael to stop looking for him. Or else he'll start torturing Michael and his friends. 

I like this book so far. I'm eager to find out what is going to happen next!